Tuesday, April 1, 2008

nooooo white ppl r stealin mah bukkit

ruh roh: Nation's Gentrified Neighborhoods Threatened by Aristocratization

ruh roh: HUD secretary expected to quit. srsly a hot tranny mess.

ruh roh: ABW pwns every1 with this response to the NYT's sort of dumb piece on multiracial ppls.

ohsnap 125th street residents r in ur city charter... um... READING IT.

wtf this d00d wants to let kids be transgendered THATS JUST WEIRD*

OK. now might be a good time to make sure every1 knows nicholas kristof is in all truth a WAY DUMBER columnist than maureen dowd (notably less entertaining, however). he just is, ok. A couple days ago, Nick followed up on an earlier op-ed in which he noted that Rev. Wright's proclamations about AIDS (white conspiracy) are in fact shared by 30% of the Af Am population, and that maybe Wright is not such far out crazy radical wingnut after all. Neway here is wut is on Kristof's mindgrapes:
  1. black ppl have CONSPIRACY THEORIES about being subjugated by white ppl. (wtf why? taht iz srly wierd.)
  2. actually if you think about it, it's not so much just black ppl who have conspiracy theories. it more has to do with AMERICAN ppl. that's even worse.
  3. conspiracy theories. americans has dem.
    1. because also americans believe in things like ufo's and creationism
    2. actually americans believe in a lot of things that aren't true and don't know about a lot of things that are true! like dna and the solar system! science!
  4. omg americans r so dum lol why!
AJ thinks its a pretty good idea to compare Rev. Wright's statements to people who believe in UFO's or ppl who don't know what DNA does--THAT IS ALL PRETTY MUCH THE SAME THING. Kristof's piece does a really good job putting everything in its appropriate policital/historical context (of anti-intellectualism) and helps me understand stuff a lot better.**

factcat h8s racism.

IN OTHER NEWZ AJ was also inexplicably intrigued by the NYT piece on Arianna Huffington, whom we all remember is most famous for saying "dykes are the new fags."

Unions are almost as good for black ppl as facts, if you are into that sort of thing.

soon i will have something to say about congestion pricing.

* by weird i mean mom and dad i blame you forever for letting me hit puberty. BLAME BLAME BLAME BLAME!!!1

** In this spirit, AJ is pleased to announced the formation of Verificationists for Racial and Economic Justice. VFREJ is committed to using logical positivism as a new and dynamic way of combating racial and economic inequity because if everybody had sum MOAR FACTS than there would be so much less OPPRESSION. No girls are allowed.


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RG said...

ok you are not punderstanding why the logical positivism is gonna help at all. the whole point is taht kristof thinks he is saying facts but hes saying garbledygeha. also aj he went to africa so i think he would know.

AJ said...

hahahah for about half a second after i followed that link i was like wtf did i just get rickrolled ON MY OWN BLOG!??

u winz.

everyone else: stop confusing me.

AJ sez lolAJ FTW!!

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