Sunday, September 28, 2008

uh oh

OK since aj doesn't have an iota of energy to look at this news and stuff (my father tells me I can use his credit card to buy a thanksgiving plane ticket home but do it now before the money's all gone uh oh) this is going to be an installment:

Neway this morning I was going over some readings for a class discussion I have to lead this week and noticed I had underlined a part in the text that read:

The ideological construction of crime is thus complemented and bolstered by the material construction of jails and prisons. The more jails and prisons are constructed, the greater the fear of crime, and the greater the fear of crime, the stronger the cry for more jails and prisons, ad infinitum.

And then I noticed that next to it in the margins I had scribbled:
MOAR! Because moar!
Here is a visual aid of what I think the author (Angela Davis duh) must have been getting at. I am pretty insightful!

In other news, pursuant to a conversation with an lolAJ tipster about the possibility of some white people being human (in which AJ desperately insisted upon his human bean status), I received this followup email:

On Mon, Sep 29, 2008 at 6:00 PM, xxxxxxx  wrote:
AJ, I do not think of you as a white and I do not think of you as not white...

I think of you as an angel.

LAWL! omg get it? it is a to wong foo reference, which makes it additionally funny, since AJ is ALSO a transsexual. ROFFLE! Moreover, it opens up a whole new possibility of ethnic identification for AJ since we all know whiteness is a real sticky mess to be caught up in and white people should avoid identification with whiteness whenever possible. AS A MATTER OF FACT some people even tell me my curly hair looks sort of angelic sometimes!



ALSO in more profane relevant happenings: My girlfriend, who is something of an Andy Samberg fan sent me this today which is pretty righteous. And then Andy Samberg reminded me of this fine lady (they are a couple if u did not know):

In conclusion, I just drank a litre of Perrier and a pint of stout. Eek! I think I'm going to float out the window. wait i have to write a paper warblgarbl

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

ANTM state of the union


i had a whole post but it is no longer relevant

~ aj, crying with his eyes

Friday, September 5, 2008


AJ to other white ppl: STOP STEELIN MAH LIFE.

wait aj is tickled by the fortuity but why is this article supposed to be interesting? 

maybe they'll start a real estate blog *crosses fingers* wait no it would be so boring

nevermind about that other thing! bai!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Nobody expects a transsexual

(wtf why is it so weird being of transgendered experience)

I will tell you whats on my mindgrapes!

I typically think of myself as *barely* passing, in that, while I take for granted my ability to pass as male in day to day existence, I don't expect it to require any large stretch of the imagination for the casual observer to imagine me as a former member of the fairer sex. At 5'4" I don't exactly tower, the fuzz that grows on my cheeks would be an embarrassment for most male-type persons old enough to see an R rated movie, and--as a lesbian I know personally once observed--being a masculine, female-assigned person gives new and ponderous meaning to the phrase "hips don't lie." So ya, passing, but not with flying colors.

As such I'm always sort of startled by the inability of laypeople to imagine the possibility of a transsexual incarnate. I suspect herein lies our greatest strength as a people. For instance:

Now that I have departed the homosexual metropolis of Gotham for the differently-queered Twin Cities, I have to go to a clinic for regular normal people. I sort of assumed that the nurse taking my medical history knew what was up when I explained that I was prescribed testosterone but he looked completely confused when I told him my medial records back in NYC might be filed under a former legal name. He sort of blinked and said "Oh really? Why? Did you like get married or something? No, that wouldn't make sense..." So I just sort of stared at him and was like "um anyway it might be under this name..."

In a similar vein, last week I went to go get my photo taken for my student ID card and the exchange was sort of like:

BUBBLY WORKSTUDY: Hi! Can I have your student ID number?
AJ: Um sure, let me find it... I guess I should warn you though I might still be in your system under my former legal name--I filed the name change form last week but I don't know if everything is updated yet. [AJ gives student number]
BUBBLY WORKSTUDY: Nope you're here! Oh wait! [laughs out loud] That can't be right unless your name is [REDACTED]!!! [Continues to LOL]
AJ: Uh... actually, that'd be that former name I told you about. I guess I'll come back once your system's updated.

Anyway, this week I went back to the student services center to see why it was taking so long for the system to update my name change. I explained the situation to the worker who agreed it was taking longer than usual and I was again asked for my student ID number. Upon looking up my record, however, the man's face went blank and he stared confusedly at the monitor for several seconds before turning it around to show me what was on the screen. Looking completely befuddled, he said "I think something's wrong--can you explain this to me? I don't understand." And I replied "Um yes. That there's my former legal name. That's what I'm trying to get changed. Also that gender designation is wrong--I don't know why it says that. Can you change that too please?" (It was interesting that I was entered as female in the University system since I definitely never checked any "F" box on my application. Fun fact: my girlfriend, who bears a decidedly masculine name despite being a lady through and through, has discovered in the past that the university she works lists her as male in their system.) 

Anyway the guy puttered off to speak with his supervisor and I ultimately learned that the reason my information was never updated in the university systems was because the form had never been processed: whoever got saddled with the paperwork I originally filed had apparently determined that it--I--must be some kind of mistake. Which, depending on your ideas about, you know, the particular discursive nature of gender in our society and everything, might in fact be more true than that person realized. LOL!

The moral of the story is obviously that NOBODY HARDLY EVER EXPECTS A TRANSSEXUAL (to exist). AJ will need to report back once he has determined how to best take advantage of this phenomenon (suprize! world domination?) but in the interim, recommendations are welcome.

AJ sez lolAJ FTW!!

internetz speak 4 teh politically l33t brought to you by!!!!

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