Sunday, August 31, 2008

mpls is cool/poppin

sum thoughts on aj's new abode:

whar is the blogosphere? here is a photoblog about uptown, which is basically like the park slope of the twin cities and is also adjacent to my nabe. i can't find anything interesting tho. andminneapolis luxury real estate blog, u r so not curbed. halp!

lakes. we haz dem. when people swim in them, they say they are going to "the beach."

this lil journalistic jewel was front page news last week. LOLWTF

AJ did go to the MINNESOTA STATE FAIR. AJ eated:
- cheese on a stick
- pizza on a stick
- corndog (on a stick)
- sausage on a stick (note for future reference: sausage on a stick =  corndog)
- fried twinkie on a stick
Other things that can be eated on a stick can be viewed here.

Unfortunately by the time I'd finished eating I felt too sick to go see the barnyard animals :(

al franken is running for senate here and MY GF TOTALLY SAW HIM IN THE MSP AIRPORT.

speaking of political stuff somehow i've ended up with the rnc in town twice in a row! wtf aj h8s getting arrested and plans to have nothing to do with that dumb hoootnanny. also in anticipation the daily show has taken out some advertising along I-494via. i also saw a billboard on hennepin advertising roast capitalist pig at some restaurant. le sigh.

being in a strange city and living on my own for the first time is pretty different, but dr. steve brule's pointers have been invaluable.

like the rest of urban american academia, the U of M american studies program is totally tranny chic, by which i mean there are a number of bespectacled white ftms in the program and i am told we are already being mistaken for each other lol. this is excellent news because aj has been in the market for a new avenue thru which to channel his righteous indignation for some time now.

the Cities also bear many commonalities to the City: 

for instance, we have our own version of cattyshack

also, like the only other two american cities i've lived in, streets in black neighborhoods have speed bumps in them (a la the south side of providence or bed stuy and brownsville in bklyn). aj is going to fess up about his own ignorance and ask if anyone can explain what the deal with that is (urban studies/urban planners amongst us?). it would obviously appear to be some form of social control but it would be nice to have a whole scoop.

also, on my way to work in midtown west/hell's kitchen, gentlemen used to offer to sell me fake IDs--and i would take on my best indignant affect and splutter "GOOD SIR, I AM TWENTY FOUR YEARS OF AGE!" similarly, here, as I passed by a liquor store a fellow lounging out by his car asked if i wanted him to go in and buy something for me (I assume he expected a modest commission for services rendered).

the main difference between minneapolis and nyc is that mpls is comparatively like a MASSIVE HIPPIE TOWN. however, this topic warrants a post of its own so i shall revisit it later. also ppl are pretty nice here but it is WEIRD

also i will probably go ahead and post some photos soon cause god knows i have the time on my hands and for whatever reasons i feel less politically conflicted about doing that here. 



nellyg said...

those of us who are still mouldering in cubicles are very pleased that lol-aj is posting again. and also fascinated by the exotic and far-off metropolis of mnpls.

jenn said...

lol-aj is back!! Yayyyyyy! Seriously, that just made my week. Come visit soon, too much food and drinks left without u here to take them without asking! <3

Susie said...

lol @ hippies. such an astute observation. i've never seen so many dirty girls with dreads in my life. i would have expected this in portland maybe, or santa cruz...

i'm enjoying reading your musings on the twin cities instead of enjoying reading my anthropology articles right now.

ps don't think i'm a weirdo for lurking ur blog. i lurk the internet pretty hard. also, i like you. so does mike. i just told him you like dinosaurs and guitar hero, and i think you are actually now like his best friend in this town.

ok this is getting awkwardly long, bye!

AJ sez lolAJ FTW!!

internetz speak 4 teh politically l33t brought to you by!!!!

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