Sunday, January 25, 2009

ok srsly wtf

Here is something I've been thinking about lately.

How did this

and this

turn into THIS

I think she is actually trying to frown in this picture but you cannot tell because the botox is packed so tightly into her forehead you could bounce a superball off it. UGH TORI YOU USED TO BE SO BEAUTIFUL WHAT DID YOU DO.

Here's another one showcasing the forehead and also evidently that she shops at forever 21 these days. Also Tori was never this skinny back when she was a goddess:


Ok one more time. Good Tori:

Good Tori:

Good Tori (note: I couldn't find a date but I think this one is pretty recent--I'm going to say c. 2000--suggesting that the Fall occurred in the not-too-distant past. Plz note the unassuming t-shirt and absence of hair extensions)

And then there was BAD Tori! BAD!!

Ack! How far we have plummeted since the days of a girl and her piano and her bottle of manic panic

omg tori plz remove that wig immediately

Bad Tori
Aiiiieeeeee!!* my eyes!

nobody even say the words "doll posse" i will probably start crying


* this sentiment not to be confused with i i e e e


shawn said...


shawn said...

you're a hoot

liz said...

Ugh, I know, right? I'm telling you, the wig has got to be related to the hair-dyeing. Maybe the makeup is her way of continuing to mourn the loss of Kevyn Aucoin? I'm going to think about it. Maybe I'll make it the Question of the Day for my first-year writing students.

Jess said...

maybe she got forgot to use a condie with brad pitt and caught a nasty case of Benjibutton from him.

r said...

maybe she got confused and thought portia de rossi was cool

MDF said...

I've counted my losses and moved on to Kate Bush. Proof positive that Botox deteriorates the brain. And how can I like the music of someone who owns a house solely for her clothes? Tori, please.

Anonymous said...

focus on the music. not the face.

Anonymous said...

*nods* I absolutely agree with you re: Tori's overwrought appearance post-Strange Little Girls.
IMO, I find it no coincidence that the more overwrought her appearance, the less interesting I find her music (*sigh* so many vague, beating-a-dead-horse ideas in her music and interviews nowadays, I don't think I'll even bring myself to buy the new album)
Also, IMO, there are too many people just allowing her to do whatever she wants with her ideas (music, appearance, whatever) and not enough people saying 'no, that's not a good idea' and really challenging her.

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