Wednesday, July 2, 2008

strange things about homosocial (male) work environments

  • My boss comes to work in a t-shirt and grabs one of my spare work shirts off its hanger saying "hey I can wear this, right?"
  • My other boss laments that he will have to take this week's Observer into the bathroom with him because the Post hasn't been delivered yet. I still need the Observer to look over the public notices section and listen in dismay to his griping.
  • Office small talk centers on comic books and frog jizz.
  • Pretty much everything can be expressed using warfare imagery. We are 'going to war' with a couple developers right now, so I find I spend most of my days either 'manning the cannons' or 'in the trenches' or stuff like that. This makes me feel pretty manly and righteous.
  • "Hey, man" is probably the most commonly-used phrase in the office, though my boss calls everyone "brother" since he is a real union man.
  • My girlfriend says the whole office smells funny.


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