Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hey I just saw Milk! Or: 10 things the gay mainstream WANTS you to believe about queer history!

  1. YES WE CAN has MOAR images of homo respectability!
  2. gay rights = african american rights = ladies' rights = consumer's rights = whatever = &c., &c. (This is why, for instance, African Americans must have their leaders and gay Americans must have our own leaders.)
  3. If u are gay and want change and whatnot u should definitely get out of the streets and into the campaign office because that is where politics happen.
  4. The Tenderloin smells like pee.
  5. DO NOT FEAR: Contrary to popular belief, gay men do not have sex, they just get naked and slap each other's butts while rolling around and giggling.
  6. oh im sorry were you expecting AJ to insert some comment about the post-Stonewall gay liberation movement and how it evinced a very different set of politics and praxis than can be found in the biopic Milk? WELL UNFORTUNATELY THAT WOULD BE HARD TO DO BECAUSE IN THE WORLD ACCORDING TO THAT MOVIE GAY LIBERATION SEEMS TO HAVE NEVER HAPPENED.
  7. One lesbian is PLENTY.
  9. Individually, coming out is the most important thing a homosexual can do in his life; collectively, coming out is the most effective strategy for alleviating pretty much anything that would ever be objectionable to a homosexual community.
  10. OMG finally we must thank our lucky stars for the white gender conforming male homosexuals of yesteryear because otherwise how would any of us have any RIGHTS and stuff? TRULY I TELL YOU WE WOULD HAVE NONE.


shawn said...



AJ said...

yes as a matter of fact gay rights is essentially what you get if you take a sausage fest and then historicize it

Shira B. said...

thx aj.
-dr zhivago-esque minneapolis

Rob said...

It's a biopic, not a video essay.

AJ said...

lol wat

AJ sez lolAJ FTW!!

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