Tuesday, December 16, 2008

quickhit: <3 internet, feminism <3

I'm not sure what is more relevant to my interests: the NYT blog article on orgasmic childbirth or the fact that the very first question Feministing's readership picked up on is whether having an orgasm from a baby traveling through your vagina raises questions of consent with regard to the baby.

Keep having ideas, everyone... AJ likes it!


Claire said...

that might be my most favoritist kitty pic ever.

Anonymous said...

That is just about the sickest thing I have ever read. These people are using their child ... as a sex toy. How much therapy will that kid need when he learns that his mom used him to have an ORGASM? These people should be sterilized and have their children taken away by child services.

AJ sez lolAJ FTW!!

internetz speak 4 teh politically l33t brought to you by lol-aj.blogspot.com!!!!

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