Monday, December 1, 2008

2 things

SCORPIONS? IN YOUR BANANAS?? It's more likely than you think! AJ has unearthed not one but two articles on scorpions in bananas from the last couple months. Eek! AJ is sort of arachnophobic, for those who did not know.

Feministing weighs in on Alex Kuczynski's piece on surrogate babying. AJ: RANT RANT RANT LOL! wtf lol feminists rant rant rant baby pwnage stfu! RANT rant adoption do not want babies aj's mom has a foster baby too rofl. Baby mama wtf! Read Gawker's post instead. Also... moar on TEH KUCZ.


PS: zomgz0rz! tina fey's hubby tots talked about her scar in vanity fair

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What should I get tattooed on my chest this summer?

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