Tuesday, June 24, 2008

BEST local (and other) newz

Curbed has fun pics of anti-Thor Equities folks at last weekend's Mermaid Parade which AJ did not attend cuz that shit is TOO CROWDED.


Best headline EVAR: "Judge: Naked Cowboy can Sue Blue M & M" Rock on, naked cowboy.

Rock on, Ashley Dupre!

Uh oh, gender is complicated, complicates marriage! (Oddly decent coverage by CNN!)

AJ is ETERNALLY indebted to Gawker for their Guide to the Weird Ronson Family

On other gay matters, however, Gawker falls a bit behind the times (omgz0rz gay men arrested for public sex???? No. Wai. no wai. srsly wtf.) wut is ur deal gawker

This lady totally just gave birth on an F Train platform. TO A BABY. Eek!

AJ is pretty sure this new blog, NIMBY Brooklyn, is POLITICALLY OBJECTIONABLE... and yet... oddly amusing.

Basically no one likes jails, including the city's plan to make the House of D on Atlantic Ave much bigger and better (at incarcerating ppl) New nabe group Stop Brooklyn House of D doesn't like jails either but, you know, mostly for the wrong reasons.


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