Monday, June 23, 2008

here is a monday post from aj

OK here are sum soundbytes from the intarwebs

"This teacher has a history of encouraging noogie behavior."

here are the most evar:
MOST adorable epidemic EVAR!
MOST annoying analysis EVAR!


The New York Times and Colorlines both have things to say about Border Patrol. Eek!

An intersex man raised as a woman becomes the second Bahraini FTM to have their sex change legally recognized by the courts. Neat! AJ noticed that: 1) Fox News could learn a few things about correct pronoun usage from Al Arabiya, and 2) The article reports the Bahraini Health Ministry paid for the dude's SRS. WTG Bahrain! Also: Via!

Bilerico has a post on fa'afine ppl in Samoa. LOL SCIENCE! if it weren't for science, how would we understand anything? Also this thing was posted like the same exact day the guy who cuts my hair was trying to chat me up about fa'afines and i was all like ummm wtf!

Also police brutality against trans ppls makes AJ an exceptionally sad panda :(    Also an update.

But on a happier note, Gawker: Why Lindsay Lohan is a Gay Hero. NEED I SAY MOAR???

ok tahtsall 4 now bai

UPDATED TO ADD: oh also duh! the convictions of 2 of the New Jersey 4 were overturned the other day OMG w00t! TIMES INFINITY. For anyone who doesn't already know, the NJ4 was basically a vicious lesbian gang. JK! They are four black lesbians (originally a group of seven) who got into an altercation with a d00d who was like rly mad when they were not wooed by his advances, so he decided to like throw his cigarette at them and spit and say some srsly rude things. Neway after defending themselves they all ended up getting 3-11 year prison sentences. LOL criminal justice! Anyway the other two convictions are pending and folks are hopeful that they will be overturned as well.

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Anna said...

i hate stories about vicious pit bulls. it makes me sad to think that people find some sick pleasure in representing these dogs as inherently and uncontrollably aggressive "beasts"...and chows are more people aggressive than pit bulls are. so there!nydailynews! my pit bull is sweet, cuddly, and will only attack you with kisses! i think malcolm gladwell would agree (see:

AJ sez lolAJ FTW!!

internetz speak 4 teh politically l33t brought to you by!!!!

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