Monday, November 24, 2008

ok this definitely deserves its own post now

IMPORTANT UPDATE: A particularly insightful and attractive commenter has observed that the mysterious woodlands piano (see below) is almost indubitably the work of an ears with feet. Allow me a moment to illustrate:

Tori likes leaves inside so why not pianos outside?

Where else will abducted Tori play her piano if not in the woods?

Tori needs a new piano cause she burned her old one! why did u do that silly?

And finally--and most important of all--what lives in the woods?? FAERIES LIVE IN THE WOODS. Case closed.


Shira B. said...


AJ said...

ok i have to include this one to, just for posterity and for sexy.

AJ said...

surely i meant "too" not "to"

liz said...

I can't believe ears with feet is in the urban dictionary. In other news, I almost txted you while driving in WI because I was behind "PELEGRL," no really, with more bumper stickers even than I. It was wild. I don't know how you became the person with whom I discuss the rem(a)inders of my woowoo music past, but...congrats?

RG said...

aj i am going crazy about the nyt mag COVER STORY today that was also in the MIDDLE of the header DO SOMETHING and by do something i mean rant for me im too busy in georgia

Anonymous said...

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