Tuesday, April 8, 2008

and here are some news for great justice

ENGLISH OR GTFO!!! Pennsylvania judge gives three Spanish-speaking men two years to pass an English test or face prison time, wants to kno: "Do you think we are going to supply you with a translator all of your life?[???]" The reporter describes Judge Olszewksi's sentencing style as "creative," forgets that the last time being racist/anglocentric was creative was like, idk, a super long time ago.

Oszewski supporters probably include these d00ds who want to boycott Absolut Vodka over this ad (which ran in Mexico):

LOL!!1!ONE! Be sure to check back for when they update the portion of the site on Aztlan!! NO I R SRS! (via Gawker)

Here is a pretty ok idea: The Accidental Scab, information repository (under development) for when you srsly don't want to be a scab by accident. Every1 add yr hometown!

Rend Smith offers a bit of historical context on the John White conviction (recently covered by 20/20), which of course raises questions about the construction of the rational subject and makes AJ sad panda.

Australian father-daughter couple raises questions as to whether ne1 ever reads Gayle Rubin anymore. Some lady and her dad started shacking up when she was like in her 30s and then had a kid together and then 7 yrs went by and they had ANOTHER kid and finally the authorities got all like "wtf!" and so the couple ended up pleading guilty to two counts of incest last month. LET'S TAKE A CLOSER LOOK--the judge's ruling:

"This is not a case where a father has violated his daughter and used his position of authority to take advantage of her powerlessness... However, the offence of incest exists not merely to protect children from sexual abuse. In my view, other relevant factors include the need to prevent the high risk of congenital defects of children born of incestuous relationships and to prevent children, who are brought up in a family unit founded on an incestuous relationship, suffering psychological harm and social stigmatisation. Those factors assume significance in this case."

  1. it is definitely an OK idea for the law to intervene if 2 ppl are having sex and they might have a baby with health risks.*
  2. it is definitely an OK idea to criminalize unconventional family formations** because of the possibility of social stigma.

Neway AJ is not holding is breath waiting for queer outrage at this story. Perez Hilton comes through with the most DISCURSIVELY SALIENT RESPONSE EVAR:

"So wrong. So wrong."


* that is called eugenics

** other examples include single parent households or ones with homos. also pregnant d00ds. wtf!


RG said...

well this should make my boyfriend's mom happy

Teresa said...

hmmm, i just might have to switch to absolut gimlets while plotting to take over the US (and then the world) in the name of Mexico *narf*

femmephane said...

One of the best things about that incest coverage is (right before the newscaster assures us that the police are going to continue to "monitor" the couple) when the shrink attributes the relationship to a father absent in childhood.

And then doesn't use that to explain why THEIR relationship might have happened (which wld have been fuckED, too) but instead tells us that it gave the woman desperate and confusing support and care need. And THEN he says that any potential husband figure could exploit that. That's some circuitous b.s. AJ!!!

AJ sez lolAJ FTW!!

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