Tuesday, April 1, 2008


ok so about that congestion pricing thing i am a little late on the upswing but: look my car does not like to b pwned by ANYBODY but especially not Mayor Bloomberg or any1 else who looks like a reptile. anyone who wants to make me pay money just to drive my car is gay.

k to summarize:

congestion pricing disproportionately impacts middle and lower income ppls by:

  1. taxing folks from the outer boroughs instead of the rich folks from jersey/westchester
  2. taxing folks more if u don't have an EZ pass (which are expensive and used mainly by folks with moar monies)
  3. throwing on a nasty fee if u don't have an EZ pass and don't pay w/in 48 hrs which is going to get crazy 'spensive for sum poor ppl
  4. ignoring taxis and limos which amount to almost half of manhattan traffic and are frequented by ppl who make twice what the avg outer borough auto commuter makes

other reasons congestion pricing sux:

  1. buildings produce 90% of manhattan's air pollution so why r u messing around with ppls cars.
  2. first bloomberg wants ur monies, next u will have to make blood sacrifice
  3. the fact that i like to drive my car
  4. also it is hell of sleazy for the mta to announce that they have to delay service improvements less than a week before the council vote and threaten another base fare hike (zomg!) that's just dumb.
  5. also do u really believe that monies will ever go to transportation? NO WAI. it will go to mike's roller skate collection or to make a horcrux something.

k in conclusion:

- cars rule

- tolls suck

- no srsly tolls r teh sux SERIOUSLY

Other items of import currently include:

Robots continue gentrification of outer space.

Another reason why racialicious is a righteous blog--the new updated comments policy:

11. Any comments using the phrase “the United States of Amerikkka” or “Amerikkka” will be deleted. It is not very original or entertaining at this point, especially not the 400th time someone has to read it.

LOL racialicious ftw.

AJ doesn't usually like to confuse work and blogging, but I will tell you something interesting about hotel development: BELLEVUE HOSPITAL IS GOING TO BE ONE (probably/maybe). Of particular note:

"Originally, officials considered turning the 1931 Italian Renaissance-style building on First Avenue between 29th and 30th streets into condos, but oddly, the layout of a mental institution is better suited to a hotel."



Bertha the Coney Island tiger shark has gone to that big aquarium in the sky. :'(

sadshark is sad/dead

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