Thursday, April 17, 2008

stoopid werk

OK i have not been able to post much lately because ppl at my job keep asking me to like DO STUFF wtf. im like, umm i have a blog? BUT THEY DON'T EVEN CARE. also what is up with the news lately. IT ARE BORING.


Since I have become PRETTY ADDICTED to text-based online roleplaying games (w00t!), I have gotten totally behind the times in terms of games that you know, have like moving pictures. I don't even HAVE a current generation platform anymore (stupid ps2), but I always thought I would get one when the next round of games that I care about came out...

Which is why I was all liek, AJ SMASH!!!! when I (ok 8 months after it was actually news) discovered that the new Resident Evil game (zomgRESIDENT EVIL 5!!!!!!) takes place in "Africa." Which means... yes, you guessed it, the entire game is you playing as the all-American white protagonist shooting at black African zombies. Here is the trailer.

This is pretty upsetting because, for those who do not know, Resident Evil is basically the awesomest video game franchise there is, and I'm not just saying that because someday Milla Jovovich will be my wife. Multipass, plz!

When it comes out in 2009, will I play RE5 anyway or no? IDK!

ANYWAY in the interest of not dwelling on stuff, here is some OTHER NEWS:

Sum thoughts on a game that is NOT RACIST like RE5. GO PLAY IT if you would like a QUANTITATIVE appraisal of how racist u r.

A real shocker from Empire State Coalition of Youth and Family Services: homeless young ppls = black, lgbt

Whoa, way to completely miss the point, Feministing. 

AJ does not usually get all TOUCHY FEELY like this but still I will include a generic plug for Muslimah Media Watch, which is overall a PRETTY OK blog.

AJ likes his social commentary in UNDERWEAR ADS. no srsly wut the balls

AJ likes not to think too much about how the media portrays trans ppl . Oops.

lolFrance! says: IT ARE ILLEGAL to promote unhealthy thinness. Interestingly (or not, idk), it's conservatives who are pushing the bill thru.

omfgTHIS MOVIE WILL ROCK. \m/ AJ is especially a fan of Cynthia Nixon, mainly because her gf is like BASICALLY A BULLDAGGER. U rock 2, Cynthia! \m/

APROPOS, Michelle Rodriguez says her sexuality is none of our business. Whatever, Michelle! U rock less than Cynthia (ok still u rock for being generally awsum tho). Except I thought we all knew already she was dating that woman from the L Word and also that crappy Sci Fi show that got cancelled?

and APROPOS that movie w/ Cynthia Nixon, this business lady raises SOME INTERESTING POINTS about women WHO DO BUSINESS. Zing!

wtf does anyone care about the pope? not me. no wai.

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