Monday, April 28, 2008

mundayz make me go DO NOT WANT

Poor Miley is on the front page of the New York Post today... AJ sort of feels like she should be allowed to have a sexuality if that's what she's into. Obvs when it comes to the sexuality of minors America is all like "DO NOT WANT! ...umm ok, sort of want?" in that every1 is super anxious to build up and then lay siege to the virginities of our most virginal celebrities. What AJ also wants to know is where is Annie Liebovitz in all this? Like, nobody cares? This is the second time in the last month that she's done a photo shoot that made everyone go all ZOMG! and there has been surprisingly little discussion of the photographer in either instance.

AJ can has homonormativity? Also interesting is this other NYT piece about how marriage/gender can get KIND OF CONFUSING SOMETIMES. AJ has resolved to only ever have a state-sanctioned marriage and this article brings me NO CLOSER to figuring out which gender that would involve me marrying. Curses!

Zomg! Dwnd!

Also this lady totally stabbed this other lady for being too loud while she was trying to watch America's Next Top Model. LOL WUT!

^^^^angkor wat

UPDATE: lol since i wrote this stuff Gawker totally did a post that was all like, Annie Leibovitz: BLAME BLAME BLAME BLAME BLAME!!!!!


femmephane said...

AJ should use Monday to (not) watch film reminder of virginity problem entitled: American Virgin. Which actually DOES sum up America's feelings about miley et al. sexuality.

Plot: In order to get back at her porn-magnate father for 1) being depraved/making porn and 2) ignoring her, Mena Suvari makes deal with nemesis-porn-director to "lose her virginity" w porn star on Pay-per-view on night of 18th birthday. For bonus, magnate two will sell virtual reality machines so that every man in America can ALSO have sex with Mena Suvari for her first time on her 18th birthday.

Don't worry. Soon I will start blagging on my own blag. Just thought that, for now, I would share the pain/joy.

r said...
america is deef like DO WANT

jenn said...

first of all, a-hole, I will never again be referred to in your blog as "my other roomie"? WTF is that about? Second of all, you're never IN THE LIVING ROOM when House is're always busy playing gemstone k thx, rude. (LOL i'm only SLIGHTLY offended by this post)

AJ said...

what is this gemstone u speak of?

AJ sez lolAJ FTW!!

internetz speak 4 teh politically l33t brought to you by!!!!

What should I get tattooed on my chest this summer?

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