Tuesday, April 22, 2008

o hai. i made u an update.

A WINNER IS DANICA PATRICK!!! (first woman EVAR to place first in an IndyCar race!!1)

Rock on Danica! \m/ Most of you probably do not know that MY GRANDMOTHER (my dad's mom) also raced cars as a hobby. Granny had an Alfa Romeo which she track- and road raced and was the western U.S. women's division champ so often she was asked to move up a class (so she had to buy a porsche cause she was all liek, i can has MOAR engine plz?) My DAD reports that she was SORT OF A BIG DEAL and so when she had mechanical difficulties Alfa flew in some d00ds from Milan to fix it. Neway she eventually quit cause auto racing is like TOO EXPENSIVE or something.


OMG WHY r I SO 0PPRESSED0rzed. Rhode Island supreme court sayz, gay divorce? NO WAI. Due to not knowing very much about politics and whatnot, AJ is caught UNAWARES that the governor of my fair home state is like this republican d00d who basically h8s gay ppl. David Cicilline is all like, "ummm thats awkward."

A winner is Nas. (jk... wtf!!? via.)

R U SRS?? detainees will be required to submit to DNA swabs at US-Canadian border. via. Patricia Corwell* will probably be pretty psyched, however, since she's always worried about like crime and stuff.

This article needs no introduction.

LOL! She's just bein' Miley!

AJ has always thought the terracotta army is pretty cool. Now because of SCIENCE we know that the whole thing was covered in egg during construction to act as a binder, which makes it DELICIOUS ARMY! NOM NOM NOM NOM

LOL @ "homeland security!" (homeless man finds WTC plans in a trash can wtf!)

Cripchick has sum things to say about ableism and the right to parent.

Patricia Lancaster, NYC's Buildings Commissioner, resigned today. She was the first woman to fill the post, so that kind of sucks, but u know what else sucks? The Department of Buildings! Srsly AJ doesn't really have expository energy today but for those of u who don't care about news, the DOB is like hot tranny mess supreme. Probably the article i just linked to says something about that. But really, as the first commenter points out, the problem has less to do with the buildings commissioner per se, and more with the fact that Slytherin's heir is running New York City.

Boro Park residents H8 TREES! (because the city is giving them TOO MUCH green. Do not want!) a very special winner is Gus Caleca who says, "Do they think I'm Johnny Appleseed with all these damn trees?" and Silzana Malcaus: "We have all this room for trees, but now no room for humans." Boro Park: NO ROOM FOR HOOMINS. AJ h8s trees too, boro park. Children pee on them!


Lindsay Lohan to Ashley Olsen: "GET YOUR 15-YEAR-OLD FULL HOUSE ASS AWAY FROM MY GIRLFRIEND!!" LMFAO!! Rock on, LiLo!! \m/ Everyone remembers, Samantha Ronson, right? AJ draws your attention to the second-best part of the article, which is that Lindsay has taken Ronson's last name in her facebook profile!!!!

but OK so look: as far as AJ is concerned, Ronson is OBVIOUSLY A BIG DYKE and she and Lohan are OBVIOUSLY LOVERS (plz stop doin peace sign tho, k?). Much to my consternation, however, the media STUBBORNLY REFUSES to adequately play up the scandalous lesbo-love affair angle of their relationship (srsly, NY Post, "gal pal?" im so disappointed in u). When the MSM is concerned I always thought LESBIAN SCANDAL trumped homo-invisibility, so I ask my readers: WTF is up w/ taht?? Thoughts? Feelings? AJ SRSLY WANTS 2 KNO.



shawn said...

OMFG DYKES OMFG OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyway you also spelled patty's last name wrong, but nice try.

rosa said...

i like the peace sign. she's like an activist.
and their love affair is awesome and bizarrely underplayed. also you can be friends with samantha ronson for real on self-portrait.net i am

AJ said...

u kno the peace sign turned 50 this week. i was going to blahg about it but the only article i could find was kind of boring.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why people aren't making a big fuss over this myself. I think it would be a good thing! A cute cute couple.

Tovi said...

Thanks for writing this.

AJ sez lolAJ FTW!!

internetz speak 4 teh politically l33t brought to you by lol-aj.blogspot.com!!!!

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