Monday, May 19, 2008

Christian Siriano: some of my best friends are hot tranny messes!

So wtf XTIAN SIRIANO wruh??? Apparently he is designing PROM AVATAR OUTFITS for some interwebs thing? The Times interviewed Siriano, enabling the coinage a new tranny-relevant catchphrase ("Omigod, I would have been so superhero tranny" (!!!)), but admittedly AJ was only halfway interested until this question:

Let’s back up to “hot tranny messes.” I have been wondering, has there been backlash from the tranny community since you made that the biggest put-down of all time?
No! the trannies LLLLLOVE me, are you kidding?? I kinda use it in a negative way sometimes but I’m meaning it with love. I mean, I love Candice Cayne — she’s fabulous and we are so close — so I would never hate on trannies.

QFT! LOL AJ hereby revokes all prior indictments of the use of "hot tranny mess" b/c I had no idea that all along it was meant WITH LOVE. CHRISTIAN UR LOVE MEANS EVERYTHING 2 ME!!!1 xoxoxoxo also he is like tots BFF with Candice Cayne omg so that obvs changes everything! im sry 4 being such a h8er christian

Real-life proms that probably ONLY had cisgendered messes in attendance include the Colorado Springs Father-Daughter Purity Ball, which sounds like it was probably about as much fun as like, going to the prom with yr dad or something.

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