Friday, May 30, 2008

all the important local haps thanks to lolaj

Unlike feminism, Sex and the City transcends race, class! LOL WTG! It is a girl/universal thing!

And also Feministing has weighed in on the Times Magazine cover story on Emily Gould, who is sort of like Carrie Bradshaw only with SEXY TATS.

This nonprofit tried to get an office lease in Brooklyn but had to settle for Lower Manhattan because it was cheaper. Wat!

Also a crane toppled over (again) this morning and killed some people (again). wtf DOB, why can't u get ur act together? possibly because the present mayoral administration would rather eat radioactive glass than do anything that could potentially impede upon development. Also Bloomberg's comments on the radio early this morning included the following nuggets:
"We're not going to tolerate any rate of accidents any higher than it has to be." 
"It may just be a piece of steel breaks and there's nothing you could have ever done about it."


AJ is at a bit of a loss to understand the workings of these mindgrapes but his best guess is that construction workers dying probably has something to do with the free market regulating itself or is it COLLATERAL DAMAGE ("higher than it has to be"??). FURTHER INSIGHT IS WELCOMED.

In happier news, OMG David Paterson TOTALLY LOVES GAY PPL WHY. Because of Uncle Stanley and Uncle Ronald! omg thx, uncles!

What do the "young and old, black and Jewish, rich and poor" residents of Crowne Heights have in common? They all h8 homeless ppl! (Possibly even more than they h8 each other!)

And finally, HAPPY BDAY TO MY PLAZA. damn ur old. 100 BIRTHDAY HITZ for the countries (sic) oldest outdoor pedestrian mall (zomg!)    \o/

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“It’s outrageous that the governor did what he did,” said Michael Long, chairman of the state’s Conservative Party. “He’s for same-sex marriage, that’s fine. I have no problem with that. To do this in the dark of night, through the back door, to begin the process of destroying the sanctity of marriage, is really wrong.”

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