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OMG this has been a BIG week for lesbians!

This article may shed some light on the question that has been burning in all of your mindgrapes, by which I mean: JODIE OMFG WHY DID U LEAVE BEAUTIFUL CYDNEY????! An lolAJ tipster has drawn my attention to the quotation from Foster at the end, which doesn't have anything to do with beautiful Cyd but begs highlighting:
[Foster] added: "Look, it's terrible, I know, but weakness really, really bugs me, to the point that if there is a wounded bird on the sidewalk, I look at it and I go: 'I think I'll just kick it.'"
wat! Jodie! u dont mean that.

And in case you thought your lesbian news could get no moar exciting than the dish on the Foster-Beautiful Cydney-Jacko triangle, let me paint this picture for you:

LiLo+ Samantha Ronson + lesbian wedding + DOLLYWOOD



Is this story true??? Is it? More articles have been cropping up since it was first brought to my attention so I'd say THINGS ARE LOOKING GOOD. TAKE THAT, STUBBORNLY HETEROSEXIST PPL WHO WANT TO MAKE ALL MY LESBIAN CELEBRITIES INTO FRIENDS! WTFPWNED!

Anyway, in case you also care about other things, here is some stuff I noticed in the blogowebz recently:

OK AJ is basically completely nonplussed about Rebecca Walker's like total public uber pwnage of her mom. I guess like Walker Sr.'s feminism ruined her life? Did u do it for the lulz, Rebecca? I feel uncomfortable. The Feministe commenters on this subject are not a total waste of time to read.

Feministe has also weighed in on child pornography and the recent Supreme Court ruling, which upheld the illegality of distributing kiddie porn even if it there are no kids in it... in other words, if your CP is rendered from computer imagery, digitally altered photos of adults, or stuff like that, it is still totally illegal! AJ is PRETTY INCLINED TO AGREE with the thoughts of the feminists on this one, and also with this original poster though AJ might add something about problematizing the construction of the pedophile in these conversations. Or whatever.

Simyo Mobile wins at gay-targeted advertising.

Quick hits: Jezebel on BDSM:

S&M is like the Hot Topic in the mall of sexuality. It's trying to be different, it's trying to freak you out, it's trying to piss off parents, but in the end, it's really kind of…normal.)

And Christian Siriano has stopped being funny:

"If you think of heterosexuals, they have white-trash women and trailer parks, and we have drag queens and trannies. I don’t know if I’m the one who can explain it. It’s, like, drag queens are just there."


Neway, in NYC.

The Times discovers white ppl discovering Kensington! via Flatbush Gardener. AJ would only like to add that Coney Island Avenue is basically one of my favorite streets in NYC and I took all these pictures of it once but then didn't post them cause I thought it would be too voyeuristic (I mean it's not even really my neighborhood) and just because I secretly have a little bit of an authenticity fetish sometiems doesn't mean I have to go around advertising it. Sigh.

White ppl also like Coney Island and want to save it. Other ppl like Coney Island too! Basically everyone does. Here is a curbed post on wut the haps are there in case you didn't already know. Joseph Sitt, who heads Thor Equities (and wants to buy up the whole area and make it into like Vegas or something with new shiny rides and fancy hotels) has basically decided to run an amusement park in competition with Astroland which is teh suck. Confirming suck status is Thor's choice to call it "summer of hope." wtf does that even mean? Also I can't believe I forgot to mention this story before, in which a Ruby's Bar and Grill person plummets through the floor of their bathroom, landing in the bar's basement covered in poo. Eek! 

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