Thursday, May 8, 2008


ok two three things:

1. Why is AM-NY like always trying to pimp my nabe! Wtf! at least they got the neighborhood boundaries right this time. also re, 773 lounge, why would you call something a hipster-free
watering hole, AMNY? srsly why would u do that? that is like ASKING THEM ALL TO COME. also i've never been there but i dont really believe that its hipster free b/c that's the ONLY WAY i've ever heard the place described and yet it is always in publications that hipsters would read. 

2. Another reason why kids excuse me, YOUNG PEOPLE rock moar than grownups. Ie: as many as 60 friends and allies of a transgendered student in Brewster, NY are cross dressing at school to show their support and to protest anti-trans sentiment from other students/teachers. Also LOL @ the brief NY Daily News coverage which concludes with, "the school says Loscalzo is free to dress as a girl as long as he (sic) follows the dress code. FAIR ENOUGH, though AJ advocates reparations for trans ppls that includes lifetime exemption from all dress codes.

2. Also via Hugo Schwyzer, I found this article on men in women's studies programs at University of Chicago which I found to be pretty much like

JK!! AJ's totally going to use words anyway! except my analysis is pending the completion of some of the werk i actually get paid to do so that will be l8er [UPDATED TO ADD: much l8er]. for now i urge attention to this particular passage, which in truth merits no earthly response beyond the facepalm:
“Stuart [Michaels] said this thing I thought was amazing. ‘I’m a Hutu, you’re a Tutsi. I’m going to kill you for it. I’m going to marginalize, dehumanize, kill you for being in a category I’ve placed you into.’ He was comparing this political situation to incidents of hate crimes you hear about because someone is gay. ‘I’m straight, you’re gay. I’m going to kill you for it,’” Klein recalled.

oh also AJ would like to amend this quotation from the same male major, from:
A man getting a gender studies major is most likely to be gay.
A man getting a gender studies major is most likely to be gay OR LIKE A MASSIVE TRANSSEXUAL OR SOMETHING.
tho in truth AJ has noticed that the preferred MO of translike gender studies majors tends to be more along the lines of genderqueer or something wonky like that. LOLgenderqueers!*

POST SCRIPT: Should AJ go to the Brooklyn Blogfest tonight???? OMG I am so totally torn wut 2 do.

* jk AJ totally hearts genderqueers xoxoxo in fact HE USED TO BE ONE


Shira B. said...

srsly, thanks for quoting the worst paragraph of that stupid article!

Xris (Flatbush Gardener) said...

Who knew that hipsters read free newspapers.

Would have liked to have met you at Le Blogfest last night.

AJ sez lolAJ FTW!!

internetz speak 4 teh politically l33t brought to you by!!!!

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