Thursday, May 22, 2008


Bad news for my queer-savvy bff Nell cuz it looks like CYNTHIA NIXON might be taking up the lolAJ post as resident lesbian expert spokesperson. Deborah Solomon thinks she works for the Post in this recent Times Magazine piece and Miranda doesn't even miss a beat!

Obviously, there’s a disjunction between your own life and the characters in this film. Very much so.

A few years ago, you moved in with a woman, after leaving the father of your children. Do you find it easier living with a woman than a man because you have more in common? I think you do have more in common.

You can use the same bathroom in movie theaters, for instance. That’s absolutely true!

Can you share clothes? No. Christine doesn’t wear women’s clothes; she only wears men’s clothes. She won’t even wear any kind of women’s shoes. I bought her a pair of cowboy boots that were from the women’s department, and she was like, “Don’t do this again.”

Does she watch sports on TV? She does. We don’t have a TV. But when there was a World Cup, we went to the local Ruby Foo’s and watched it. And we actually did watch the Super Bowl as well. She tried to explain it to me.

Do you think of her as the male figure in the relationship? No, I don’t at all. Look at what’s happening now. She’s at home with the kids, and I’m the one out pounding the pavement. . . . She’s for Hillary, and I’m for Obama.

LOL! As you can see, Nixon is not only extremely knowledgeable about lesbian stuff, but she is also an expert at delivering concise, straightforward explanations that everyday people can understand. Also it seems like she knows like tons about gender too, which I guess makes sense since I am told that gender and lesbian issues are closely related! Just off the top of my head, AJ can think of LOADS of questions I'd like to ask her, for instance, "if that's what you're into, why don't you just date a man?" and "how long have you been a vegetarian?" So all in all AJ is very happy to welcome Cynthia Nixon to the lolAJ writing staff. Also thanks 4 the tip feministing!

Other noteworthy lesbians making recent headlines include Jodie Foster, who has apparently broken up with her Beautiful Cydney! omg that is so sad. Fortunately we can all count on Perez
to set the record straight:
ROFL! also michael jackson called. he wants his dna back.

*ahem* NEWAY, back to lesbians....

ELLEN HAS CREATED SOME SRSLY AWKWARD MOMENTS WITH JOHN MCCAIN. wtf ellen u make me so uncomfortabel sometimes

And finally, if you are a longtime fan of lesbians you may have also heard of "queer men" which are basically like the poor man's lesbians! Like Maureen Dowd, they sometimes have things to say about gender and even feminism so there's like this new anthology out and maybe you want to read it (or instead just look at everyone's pictures like i did).

AJ leaves you with this closing photo, courtesy of Jezebel...


ps damn there sure were a lot of white ppl on lolaj today wtf is up w that aj

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