Tuesday, May 20, 2008


o here is wut r teh haps in my city:

Parks Dept: NO HUGZ 4 U!

New York Times: Park Slope is Now A Meme. Like many Brooklyn transplants, AJ luvs to h8 on Park Slope, and this article has some real gems, eg:
“This whole thing sounds like white people being annoyed by and jealous of other white people, which I find kind of funny,” said James Bernard, a union organizer and a member of the local Community Board 6. “I live in the Slope. I love it. I talk about it as much as anyone else does. But I founded a charter school near Brownsville and I don’t hear anyone talking about Park Slope over there.”

and in other news:

ALSO MARRIAGE IS A DREAM WITHIN A DREAM! this article seyz gay marriage is about love not like gender or race or stuff like that. LOL! some ppl (whiny progressives who are basically always unhappy) soemtimes disagree. other ppls are just wishing folks would stop comparing us to like crazy mormons and whatnot (needless to say aj is tickled that concerned womyn for america notice the conexion). also not to be nitpicky about taht other article, but i'm pretty sure cali still has incest laws, so it's not actually true that the supreme court decision means that "any two adults who are in love" can get married. IM SRY I JUST THINK ITS AN IMPORTANT POINT OK.

also wtf is wrong with u ppl IT'S SPELLED BOUGIE. srsly! u poll voters need to LURK MOAR but every1 else VOTE MOAR i know ur out there why dont u vote in my polls?

k thats all 4now

*no buttsecks thx aj is not even going to ask that is srsly lewd.

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