Thursday, February 14, 2008

AJ's AM links

Maureen Dowd calls Hillary a flawed feminist test. Omg, Maureen Dowd, u r so played out. We already know about Dowd's preferred feminist test, judging from her insightful commentary on Obama's "emotionally delicate" constitution and "feminine consensus management style." Women's Studies 101 FTW!

Miss Heather of New York Shitty shows us a Bed-Stuy where people imagine Gloria Steinem and other feminists getting along.

It occurs to our president that noose displays are offensive. Wafl.

The Coup Magazine blog reports on the Ladies Only buses now running in Mexico City. I has mixed feelings-- particularly unsettling, of course, is the notion of bus drivers getting the role of gender police added to their job description. (But maybe they can get a pay increase?)

Melissa Harris-Lacewell has more neat things to say about the suffering of white women (vis a vis Sen Clinton) and other stuff.

And in other news, Iraqi prison bed shortage is as American as apple pie.


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You gots too much free time. I no longer pity all your "oh, I works to much... gots to communte to far..." cries

AJ said...

if u r not nice to the blogmaster i will have no choice but to ENABLE COMMENT MODERATION!!!!1ONEONEONE

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What should I get tattooed on my chest this summer?

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