Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I can has linkage?

K.K. Logan, a trans-identified high school student in Gary, Indiana (Gary Indiana, Gary Indiana) is suing the shit out of her school (nice!) cause they wouldn't let her into her prom wearing a dress. Apparently Lambda Legal plans to argue that school dress codes are under federal jurisdiction. Hey, no problem, K.K., that's what stuff like ENDA's there for! Oh, wait...

Speaking of ENDA, this blog is pretty interesting.

Winter dryness putting a hurting on yr hands? Try Frida Kahlo skin cream!

OMG the man behind Stuff White People Like! Part 1 and Part 2! NEED I SAY MOAR?

OK awesome: I have just learned that GAYS are responsible for the recent earthquakes in Israel. This is really excellent news because I have ALWAYS wanted queers to be more like X-Men. In fact, here is a picture of me causing an earthquake:

Oh also I almost forgot:

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