Tuesday, February 12, 2008

rofl my wafl! or: the discursive formation of obama vs. clinton in contemporary feminist thought(???)

Well, in the interest of having something to say about some stuff (and counter to the urgings of particular h8ers, er, parties), I thought I'd point out that it's come to my attention recently that particular individuals of the feminist persuasion are pretty upset about women who are voting for Obama. Also about the status of feminism (women?) more broadly-- particularly, I gather, in relation to say, the status of black people (men?). Indeed, some of them are very upset.
And upon further reflection, I actually have nothing to say about that at all, except thank goodness for venues like Democracy Now which provides the opportunity for people like Gloria Steinem to get wtfpwned by people like Melissa Harris-Lacewell.  And also for people like Kimberle Crenshaw and Eve Enlser (I know, right?) who share the STFU sentiment.
Actually, I will add on this topic that I have been able to garner the following about the feminist blogosphere:
1) it is wont to be more offended by the (older) feminist intimation that you can't vote for Obama and have a feminist consciousness than it is by (older) feminists who say racist things, and 
2) it is already anxious for the day when feminists can go back to ignoring race and liking everyone just the way they are.


AJ said...

why is that post formatted weirdly?


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