Thursday, February 28, 2008

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NY Times reports 1% of the total U.S. adult population is behind bars. The study cited gives the following breakdown:
  • Latin@ adults: 1/36 are incarcerated
  • Black adults: 1/15 (1/9 Black men aged 20-34; 1/100 Black Women)
  • And white women, bringing up the rear at: 1/355
I am pretty skeptical about the way such studies collect data, but I guess the point remains. There are some pretty ok quotes about nonviolent offenders and how that sector in particular has gotten like, completely outrageously out of hand.

Last Tuesday, senate passed the Vitter Amendment which specifically bans the use of federal Indian Health Service funding for abortion. Which was, um, already banned (oh right that Hyde amendment thing). Feministing has a funnier headline and gives a low-down. That is srsly teh sux00r.

And Latoya Peterson drops some knowledge on statutory rape in two parts (third forthcoming).

Iz done.

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