Tuesday, February 19, 2008

lolaj's a.m. quik linkz

jesus fuck, google thought i was spamming them and locked me out of my blog ALL MORNING so i'm doing the roundup Calvin Coolidge style:


NY Daily news: Racism = teh sux00r

TIME Magazine gem du jour, re, the bias-driven murder of Lawrence King:
"Most gay teenagers are thriving and happy most of the time. They are periodically confused and depressed, but what teen isn't?"

Stevedores to Red Hook: haha, PWNT!

NY Times reports on the gentrification of Harlem. Le sigh.

Ellen Page: "Like, I'm really sorry to everyone that she doesn't have an abortion, but that's not what the film is about."

"Ex-con knew she was a he?" Um. Trans panic --> fail. (courtesy of Feministe).


Teresa said...

Someone needs to tell Ellen Page to stop wearing dresses and trying to look girly cuz it totally makes her loose all that adorable tomboy charm, without which, she is sadly reduced to not much of anything really.

And while you're at it, tell her i'll be the cheese to her macaroni any day...if it comes up, i mean...

jenn said...

UM people expect her to be like she is in juno BECAUSE SHE IS. god i hate ellen page with the heat and fire of a thousand suns. i hate her bullshit "look at me, i'm white and young and hip and snarky!!" schtick and seriously she makes me want to scream. fuck ellen page, fuck that movie, fuck that interview!!! she suX0rs!!!!!

don't ever post about her again or you will ALIENATE YOUR READERSHIP and i will have no choice but to boycott lol-aj. I DONT WANNA DO IT, DONT MAKE ME :( :(

Teresa said...

To lolAJ blog commenter jenn,

perhaps, maybe...

but she is still totally boss (read: F'ing hot)

AJ sez lolAJ FTW!!

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