Wednesday, November 5, 2008


also not to beat a horse thats already approaching its demise but how about that homosexual pwnage that got dished out california-style? the LA times had some sort of striking photos:

^^^FUCK YEAH!!!1 \m/

and conversely:

^ sad 'mos are sad :'(

U have to hand it to Cali for srsly knowing how to rock a tyranny of the majority--52.5%!! Californians like gay marriage bans just a tiny bit more than a high-speed rail (52.1%) and just a tad less than victims rights (53.5%). HRMHRMHRMHRMHRM

The anxiety AJ felt waiting for the polls to come in has induced an uneasy acceptance of his inner homonormativity. Also was I the only one who felt real bad for Palin when she was all tearing up during McCain's speech last night? I think AJ just really hates seeing the ladies cry...


Claire said...

No you are not the only one! Palin was SO SAD! I almost wanted them to be like "jk sarah you can be president too!"

Anna said...

but on the brighter side in cloudy Portland, Oregon:

Kate Brown became the first openly LGBT Secretary of State in the US, and the second-highest ranking elected official in the state of Oregon. Brown is openly bisexual.

Sam Adams was elected mayor of Portland, Oregon earlier in the year. He will become the first openly gay mayor of one of the 30 largest US cities when he’s sworn in next year.

AJ said...

i've actually been annoyed about that sam adams fellow because prior to him providence was the largest US city (and only state capitol) to elect an openly gay mayor and now we no longer have that fine distinction. i forgive him tho, on account of his being named sam adams.

also are we counting bisexual in LGBT these days? LOL OMG NO I DIDNT JKJK

Anna said...

-oh and if anyone wants to cry over their own inner homonormativity, you can always watch ellen & portia's wedding video:

jenn said...

omfg, I've been feeling bad for Palin like mad. Whether or not she's an idiot, she's always been an idiot, and ever since that first speech, she's been getting railed on for, well, yknow, being herself.

also, massive fail for gay marriage. BOO HISS!!!!

AJ sez lolAJ FTW!!

internetz speak 4 teh politically l33t brought to you by!!!!

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