Sunday, November 2, 2008 brings u some UPDATES

- AJ didn't do much for Halloween tho he did manage to dress up... AS A PHILOSOPHICAL ZOMBIE LOL!!

- It seems as though my mom and stepdad are totally going to become foster parents to a small HIV-exposed baby. WTF! Their intentions may be noble but one's things for certain: nothing sucks up EVERYBODY'S ATTENTION like a small HIV-exposed foster baby. THAT BABY'S GOING TO STEAL MY THUNDER!!! The baby is white, btw. He has a name that makes him sound like he's from Woonsocket, and he totally is!

- My dad was nice enough to have my double bass boxed and shipped to me, which was probably expensive. Now there is a crate bigger than my couch lying in my living room and if I know AJ, I know that crate is going to be a living room fixture for a while.
^^lol now what

- Overall, AJ finds Minnesota to be sort of a crappy state for the transgendered. I've had to resign myself to a Harry Benjamin-adhering doctor, the DMV is giving me shit about my license, and the U only gives out domestic partnership benefits to "same-sex" couples (AJ happily anticipates the arrival of his better half in the not-too-distant future). The matter of partner benefits is yet unresolved but we hope ultimately to have delicious cake and nom it too.

- Also the Obama campaign has called me four times so far today and I will be pleased when all this is over and everyone gets their facebook status messages back. And for those of you voting at the center of the universe, it would be foolish not to avail yourselves of this.

k thats all


Shira B. said...

as a proud minneapolitan expat, i am very much saddened by item #4. i hope things improve as you continue your grad school experience there, and i hope that there are other things about the place that you are liking more.

also, lolzzzz at the costume!

AJ said...

well to be fair it's not all bad. in truth i'm sort of puzzled by the state of transness here since MN has all these progressive things too (it was one of the first states to pass gender ID-inclusive antidiscrimination legislation and I believe Mpls was the first municipality in the country to do that).

Also here we have groups like this one:
which, I gather works to secure transgender healthcare for white people, and also these ppl: who apparently do the same thing only with the law. But then there's all this weird regressive stuff too... hrm

jenn said...

WHY IS THE BOX SO BIG. Is a double bass something other than what I'm thinking of???


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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AJ sez lolAJ FTW!!

internetz speak 4 teh politically l33t brought to you by!!!!

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