Friday, November 7, 2008

o heres a lolAJ quickhit

With his mind still a-reelin' from the developments of the past week, AJ is now more than ever grateful for the intellectual guidance of the blogosphere--and I think io9 pointedly directs us to the question we've all really been wanting to ask this week without even knowing it: WHAT DOES THE ELECTION MEAN FOR SCIENCE FICTION?

AJ must in good conscience, however, warn his readers: linked photo of Gillian Anderson is EXCEEDINGLY SEXY. I can't believe it's not NSFW! Also make sure to watch the choice clip from HOME, unquestionably the gr8est epis0d3 EVAR unless ur my former roommate who can say wat is up with taht


Anna said...

OMG. my knees go weak for Gillian Anderson...and i just spent 30 mins looking at Gillian Anderson photo galleries. all your fault. (btw, her wearing a pvc catsuit - not to miss) and that episode Home is so RIPE for analysis. i am a huge fan of the scully-centric episodes in seasons 4 and 5. when i was younger, i think i used to fantasize about marrying her and saying "i know the aliens have made you infertile, but i will carry your child"! -how am i 23 years old and still such a geek?

Anonymous said...

God I don't find Gillian Anderson attractive in any sense of the word. Even if i were gay I'd not look at her twice.

AJ said...

aj begs to differ; if anon had even a sliver of gay they'd surely look time and time again!

jenn said...

Still "slightly offended" at being referred to simply as your "former roommate", but will take the mention when it comes.

Gillian Anderson is a hotty with a body-- AND a brain, and a sense of humour, and an incredible talent for acting, and a spirit of generosity..shall I go on? Not necessary, I'm sure.

Anon, I could link you to some GA pics that would make your head spin, and this is from someone who DOESN'T want to fuck her.

Scully 2012!!! (LOL)

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