Tuesday, November 18, 2008

RIP Chloe "Chlobers" Hernandez-del Valle (1991 - 2008)

Since we are all in a reflective mood today I thought we could also take a moment to mourn the passing of Chloe Hernandez, possibly AJ's favorite high-maintenance geriatric diabetic no-tailed partial manx. Chloe is survived by her human, Teresa, who has issued the following remarks:

Not all of you had the pleasure of meeting Chloe. Sweet, loving and not without her occasional flare of Diva-esque attitude, Chloe was a great kitty. Despite my ranting about the arduous nature of her special needs, she was a precious companion. Thank you all for lending me your ear to vent each and every time I 'couldn't take it anymore'. I especially thank those of you who helped with her care when I was out of town (or out on the town, xoxo Juan). I literally could not have done it without all of you. And I am glad that I kept her with me through to the end. It was a challenge to take care of her and it has been just as challenging letting her go. I love her and miss her. 

AJ is pretty sure everyone with a soul should miss Chloe the curmudgeonly adorable halfmanx. Aujourd'hui, nous sommes tous Chlobers.  :'(


Claire said...

RIP Chloe that is so sad, I am sorry for your loss, Teresa!

Anna said...


Teresa said...

this very sweet and thoughtful, thank yous.

i kno chlobers always wanted to be on the innerwebs, she's prolly bragging bout this to ceiling cat now...

btw, someone sent me a kitty life conversion chart and apparently she was like 86 so i guess that ain't bad.

AJ sez lolAJ FTW!!

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