Sunday, November 16, 2008


OK I am wondering if my readership can help me out here. AJ is trying to winterize in preparation for the next several months of bicycling to school and he's having sort of a problem. I bought some real cycling gloves, some hiking socks (I had been experimenting with doubling up regular socks but am finding truth in my crunchy Boulder-bred lesbian friend Nell's observation that if you sweat in cotton the sweat just stays there and so I've been spending a lot of time with soggy wrinkly chilly toes), and finally a balaclava. Herein lies the dilemma: AJ can't see without his glasses but if he wears his glasses with the balaclava his breath is funneled up out of the hole at the top and fogs up his glasses such that he can't see a goddamn thing (see fig 1). Wtf!

fig. 1

Surely there is a way to remedy this right? BTW this picture was taken inside so you can imagine how much worse the fog situation is when the lenses are cold. Also AJ can't wear contacts they feel like sand in his eyeballs. Any additional tips about biking in extremely nippy weather are also appreciated (I have yet to get fenders for my bike and also probably some fatter tires but maybe not til the snow gets really out of control).

In other news, stay tuned for lolAJ's next installment of Ask a Lesbian featuring Nell who is an expert on lesbians. I think a lot of us want to know how the lesbian community feels about all this business in California; I know I do.

Also: folks who are as intrigued and titillated by the 35W dancer (below) as I am might be interested in perusing AJ's other neighborhood-related videos (courtesy of google maps) such as sad drag queen singing Martha Smith, and uh, this dude. AJ has to concede that if these videos are any indication, he must live in a pretty bodacious neighborhood!


Anna said...

could you buy some of that anti-fog stuff and put that on your glasses? or you could try covering them with shaving cream and then wiping it off- which works for bathroom mirrors - i have no idea whether it works on glasses. i actually have a similar problem, though not as serious - with sunglasses - they're really big and cover my eyebrows and cheeks so not enough air gets in - and as a result, the moisture from my eyeballs fogs up the inside of the lenses! good luck with finding a solution

AJ said...

hrmhrmhrm i think antifog stuff is probably the most sensible route to pursue (tho i might give shaving cream a shot before i go out and buy anything). i dont want to fuck up my glasses tho! there is this stuff apparently called cat crap--which sounds exactly like something i want to put on my glasses--which is supposed to work ok except for wahtever reason i can only find the australian version of their website wtf:

Claire said...

skip the antifog stuff, just spit on your glasses and smear the spit around and then rinse them. If glasses are anything like dive masks, it should work way better than anti fog stuff.

Claire said...

oh and also you are a GIANT DORK

AJ said...

1. ew no


nellyg said...

what about another approach -- cutting some breathing slots in the balaclava?

Claire said...

my friend banu says skip the fancy Baklava thing and wrap a scarf such that it goes around your neck, chin, and then NEW LOOP goes over noez but hangs over nostrils and mouth so that the breath goes out the bottom part

AJ said...

wow thanks guize look at all these solutions. i think i've found the perfect one though; i'll be sure to let everyone know how it works out.

AJ sez lolAJ FTW!!

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