Thursday, November 13, 2008


AJ called up the benefits office at his university and the exchange went sort of like this:

[Backstory: the U's policy on partner benefits is be gay, be married, or GTFO]

AJ: Hi there, I'm calling because my partner is going to be moving in with me and I'm transgendered so we're wondering if she and I are eligible for same-sex domestic partner benefits.
Woman: Well, we use birth certificate gender to determine partnership arrangements, but we won't actually ask to see the certificate or anything. 
AJ: Oh OK, great
Woman: You see, we feel... [Woman takes on this weird didactic tone and starts explaining something about how once a person is further along in their transition they will change their birth certificate to match their identity but AJ is confused and pretty sure he doesn't like where she's headed so I sort of cut her off]
AJ: Uh yeah, super. So if my birth certificate lists me as female, she and I can just sign that same partnership affidavit as any same-sex couple and mail it in to you guys and that's it?
Woman (surprised): Well, have you had your birth certificate changed already?
AJ: Um, well no it's the same one I've always had.
Woman: No, like I already explained to you, we would then consider you a different-sex couple.
AJ: Wat! But you just told me you go by birth certificate gender!
Woman: Well am I correct in my understanding that your birth certificate lists you as male?
AJ: wtf no wai lady I was born female lol!
Woman: [spluttering]

lol AJ would be more annoyed but instead I'll just take it as an affirmation of my manly timbre.* I got paperwork sitting right here in my desk that I've been meaning to send in to get that birth certificate changed... now I'm pretty glad that I never do anything in a timely fashion. My girlfriend, who is basically a sweetie, feels bad cause she thinks she's forcing me to remain a woman 4eva.


Highlights also include--

Thomas: I wake up in the morning and feel like a man. (me too, thomas, me too)

Also: AJ is sort of shocked that Feministing covered Duanna Johnson's murder. Of course the first commenter weighed in with, "Johnson looked like a troubled woman--not exactly a model citizen." 

Stay classy, feministing readers!

o rite, also via feministing, WETV brings you... SEX CHANGE HOSPITAL! \m/


* not that AJ thinks the transladies sound like dudes, of course, just that he assumes cispeople expect them to.


test said...

u sure know how to spin a yarn dearest.

AJ said...

im going to go ahead and treat this as a compliment and say why thankya pumpkin!

AJ sez lolAJ FTW!!

internetz speak 4 teh politically l33t brought to you by!!!!

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