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Sexism: YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG. Some researchers got together and they have decided that rap does NOT cause sexism (yet rap is associated with sexist attitudes in a non-causal way???). Study hints that sexism may however have a causal relationship with "patriarchy."

OMG SNL U R SO RACIST WHY I has an addition to my archive of reasons to despise anyone who has had anything to do with Juno. VIA.

Info wars on gaming for immigrant rights: DO NOT WANT.

ABW weighs in on Margaret Seltzer's faux autobiography and aptly plugs Felicia Pearson's memoir, Grace After Midnight as an alternative to reading appropriative ghetto-fetishistic drivel written by white people. This is at the top of AJ's to-read list so if anyone's read it already DROP SOME KNOWLEDGE i want to know how it is.

Tyra Banks! k this is srsly not new news but i've had 2 conversations about Tyra Banks this weekend and she is srsly teh rox00r by which I mean insane BUT IN WAY THAT IS AWSUM. Neway I wuz reminded of a show she did in January where she had her whole audience burn their bras because why? because of breast cancer. BUT DON'T WORRY they were all wearing their spare undies even tho they were bra burning.
Akshully: some PETTY FEMINISTS have pointed out that bra burning doesn't historically have much to do with breast cancer and neway, if u are WEARING a bra while you're burning one it kind of defeats the purpose. OMG Tyra WHYYYY! LMFAO!

We still give her points for trying tho, k?

In other news, Christians, Jews, and some other ppl are trying to buy the country's biggest public housing project, located in East New York. Neat! Is it bad that I imagine the negotiations being kind of like a cute zany Dar Williams song?

Q: Joanna Cutler, wtf WRUH?
A: cuz the maintenance d00d let her out.
Joanna Cutler spent 7 hours stuck in the garbage room (ok gross) of her PLAZA HOTEL APARTMENT (ok sympathy beginning to falter) but survives to tell the tale while CLUTCHING HER FABERGE EGG TIGHTLY TO HER CHEST (LOL WAFL!!#$).


Joanna Cutler has nothing on this d00d.

And because some of you were wondering, "AJ, why is it you don't watch the L Word anymore? You loved hating it so much!" here is an episode summary I just came across.
Jodi brings Bette to meet and hang out with her friends but Bette has a hard time letting go of control. Shane decides to give up on sex and instead pours her energy in exercising. Tasha faces new allegations. Meanwhile, Helena finally gets comfortable in prison but things are about to change when her mother turns up.
Lol that shit is DONEZO. Also I heard Max ends up not getting top surgery? (I saw an episode where he was reflecting, "you know, it's a permanent change" i wuz liek "lol wtf u have a beard!!!") But Karey Dornettos' short parody "Hi, I'm Ilene Chaiken" might tickle you if u r a complete dork. Uh lesbians, why r u so silly?

And finally: Curbed's recent post on Wacky Urban Planning Visions gets the lol wut of the day. A group wants to rebuild Pier 13 near the Seaport. Curbed quotes--and keep in mind the East River is what constitutes the water in question here--
On the proposed Pier 13, people wouldn’t just be able to get near the water — they’d be able to get in it. A wet boardwalk near Wall St. would flood at high tide, allowing visitors to wade down the pier in knee-deep water. Those who prefer to keep their shoes on could stay on the dry boardwalk, which would be separated from the wet one by a long aquarium filled with fish native to New York Harbor. If visitors had questions about the fish or the pier’s history, they could head to glass-enclosed computer kiosks for answers.

Community Board 1 has already approved the proposal.

lol wut


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Didn't know bras cause breast cancer.

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