Tuesday, March 4, 2008

u always end up in the city

Do you live in Brooklyn? Is your apartment haunted? Try hipster geistbusters.

That weird fuckin maple syrup smell is back wtf.

The city has blocked the sale of 1520 Sedgwick Ave in the west Bronx to a real estate development company--making this the first time that the sale of a building under the Mitchell-Lama affordable housing program has been rejected. 1520 Sedgwick Ave is best known as DJ Kool Herc's place of residence in the 1970s and is often credited as the birthplace of hip-hop. The Times Cityroom had a pretty neat flier from 1973:

Tenants and other housing/hip-hop advocates have been attempting to get the building landmarked for the last year, and the rejection of the sale may revive discussion to arrange a tenant purchase of the property. Check out the official website at save1520.org.

UPDATE ON BABELAND: NY Magazine sets us straight: the PSSM is NOT anti-sex. As one stroller mom most aptly points out: "Where do they think all those babies come from?"

For people like me who are confused by development-speak (see, eg, yesterday's post on rezoning), Lost City has put together a layperson's guide to understanding developers, which is pretty useful.

Real Estate industry on tenants' rights: NOT COOL, DUDE (esp when rights might actually get invoked).

FARE HIKE ASDFAKLJANC;OAIEAN;LSDKNFZ;IOAW;EOHR Actually, it's so weird that this would happen because just recently i wuz liek "Oh I have an idea, let's have a fare hike even though the MTA already gets an inordinate proportion of its budget from transit fares compared to other major cities. Wait I have a BETTER idea the hike should include an INCREASE on monthly passes while leaving the daily pass and the base fare the SAME because commuters should definitely foot the bill, not tourists." Neway why am i so clairvoyant? (Stay tuned, next week I channel congestion pricing.)

And finally, does anyone have a button maker? I want to make like buttons or tshirts or coffee mugs or something and they will look like this:

lol im such a card.

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