Thursday, March 27, 2008

a very special post from AJ

Dear lolAJ readers,

Thank you for all your concerned emails* expressing condolences about the case of lolschmerz I mentioned in Monday's post. Here is one that was particularly thoughtful:

Dear AJ,
I read your post this morning, and I must say, I was very concerned to hear you mention lolschmerz! I have a family member who used to get really bad lolschmerz and I know how hard it can be. There is a lot of consciousness-raising that still needs to be done around lolschmerz and the people who suffer from it and I hope that one day it will not be so stigmatized. I just want you to know that you are in my thoughts as you go through this difficult time. I have always found it helpful to remember the words of Ceiling Cat as expressed thru his kitteh in the catitudes (Matthew 5:10)
"U r doin good if U iz pwned by otehr kittehz just coz U iz fair n reeznable; U can has Ceiling (and share it wif n00b on teh inside kittehz)"
I hope you feel better soon.


Dear Worried,

Rejoice! Truly I say unto you, my lolschmerz has been cured! And here is the fruit of my labor:

AWSUM!!! and why is donald such a righteous kitteh?

ok tomorrow i promise i will talk about some things that are political.

* ok i actually did not get ANY emails of concern about my lolschmerz so i had to fabricate this one. wtf iz wrong with u ppl!!!!???

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